Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Newsletter 2009

Berry Springs Lodge
Spring Newsletter


 Hello from Berry Springs Lodge,
   It is Spring Time in the Smokies.  The Daffodils and the Red Buds are starting to blossom.  The weather has been perfect to get outside.  We have been busy planting many of the great items that guests have brought for the "back to nature" special. We have received many neat items from plants to rocks, wood birds and even a composter.  It has been a lot of fun so far.  It will be interesting to see what guests bring this summer.  We also put the canoes back into the ponds this year.  We were able to switch to an insurance company that allowed them.

Again we want to thank you for being our friends and guests.  Hope to see you all soon.





 Patrick's   "Home Inn-Provements" 

Our big project this winter was the roof.  When we originally built in 2000 we had to shingle the roof in January and unfortunately this did not agree with the shingles.  Around here in January we get very strong winds from the west, combined with the colder temapturres and the driveway not being paved yet dust blew under the shingles.  This caused  pour binding. For the last 8 years we had shingles that bent and blew off and I was not too excited about getting on the roof every time we lost a shingle or two.  We waited until March when we had a few 70 degree days to do it again. 


Also, a new things this year was with our internet.  We  found a company that broadcast  broadband Internet off of Bluff Mountain.  We now have a 3000 k compared to 256 k that we had.  It is really nice.  Especially for you high speed internet addicts! 

 Again thank you for your help and spreading the word.



Sue's  Recipes     
 Hi everyone.  We just did this one the other day for the first time.  It turned out great!


Almond Cherry Crescent Dessert


3 tubes refrigerated crescent rolls

1 can cherry pie filling ( any kind would work)

1 12 oz tub whipped cream cheese

1/2 cup sugar

1- 2 teaspoon almond extract


10 inch round cheese cake pan or a 11x7 retangular casserole pan.


1) Layer half of crescent roll dough to fill bottom and 1 inch up sides of pan, seal all seams. Set aside


2) Whip together whipped cream cheese, sugar and almond extract, reserve 1 cup of cream sheese filling for later. Spread the rest of cream cheese layer on top of crescent rolls, top with pie filling.


3) Open other can of dough and seal seems then place on top of pie filling.


4) Whip an egg white and brush on top of dough


5) Back at 350 for about 35 minutes until top is golden brown.


6) Mix the left over cream cheese with powdered sugar (1/2 to 1 cup) to make a creamy frosting. Frost crescent when cool. top with almonds if you like.


This recipe I had just made up as I went along so you may need to adjust to what flavors you like best. You may also need to use more of less crescent rolls so have an extra one on hand before starting.



At this point we do not have much planned for the summer except the usual touch up painting  and mowing, but you know that could change in a day with me.