Friday, September 18, 2009

“A Little Slice of Heaven on Earth!”

For a couple or individual who needs total relaxation and gentle pampering, this is the ultimate. The food is divine. The country setting is perfect for sitting on the spacious porch(es) and rocking while the mind/brain takes a vacation worth a billion dollars. Soft music, pleasing scents, wildflowers, songbirds galore, pasture land, cattle grazing in the distance....a feeling of complete peace. Berry Springs Resort is truly the best place we've ever stayed. It is immaculate and there is absolutely no wish or need that is not automatically there for one's enjoyment already! The owners are welcoming, available and helpful with any information. We can't say enough about Berry Springs and Patrick and Sue. It is a place we would gladly LIVE!

Sep 18, 2009  thetindells

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