Friday, October 15, 2010

Berry Springs Lodge 2010 Fall Newsletter

Hello from Berry Springs  Lodge,  

October is right around the corner and we are ready for the cooler temperatures and fall leaves.  The summer was very warm this year, and we think it will be great for producing bright vibrant colors of the leaves.  We still have some rooms open through the month if you can get away for a couple days; we would love to have you come and visit.  Of course, there will be craft fairs, music festivals, hay rides, leaf falling adventures and much more going on.

Again we want to thank you for helping us make it to the ten year mark.  Hope to see you all soon.


Thank you, and God bless    


"Home Inn-Provements"

We have not had much time this summer to work on many projects plus as hot as it has been I am not sure I would have wanted to.  The big news is that I purchased a new toy!  It is an older D6C Caterpillar dozer.  Right now it is down at my brother’s shop in Florida getting serviced and checked over.  As soon as he is done, he will bring it to Tennessee.  When we purchased the property 10 years ago, the entire property, except for a small area by the ponds was clear cut for cattle grazing.  We let much of it grow up with trees and it needs to be thinned out and much of the underbrush and briers need to be removed.  I also would like to get back on track for future development of the mini-lodges that we planned to build on the other ridge.  It will take me a while to cut in a new road and flatten the top of the ridge; however, with the dozer here, I can work on it in my free time and not have to be rushed.  Hopefully, within a year, we will see the economy get back on track so we can build.


We are working on a new design upgrade for the bathrooms of the hot tub rooms.  This winter we will be able to do at least one of them, if not all.  Not that there is anything wrong with them now, I just want to tile the showers and put new glass enclosures on them.  The fiberglass bottoms are hard to maintain with all the cleaning that Melissa does on them.


Again thank you for your help and spreading the word.