Monday, December 16, 2013

The Traveling Red Chair visits Berry Springs Lodge

 Dec 13, 2014 Traveling Red Chair visited us!

Earlier this week we had a special visit from the Traveling Red Chair and we thought we would share it with you! You can visit the link to see all of the places it has been so far!

                    Stopped by Berry Springs Lodge on December 13, 2013

 It was cold outside! 
                           They invited me in to warm up by the fire!

 The Lodge was decorated for Christmas. 
                              The tree reminded me of my cousin Holly.
           After feeling warm and toasty I felt a hike would be a in order.

                                  I found a canoe and took it for a spin.

                          Across the water I found myself ship wrecked
                          on a Nude Beach!! Good thing I had a fresh
                          coat of paint!
                          P.S. Found out that it was not really a nude
                          beach. It was a joke of the owners Son.

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