Tuesday, March 6, 2018

North American Country music Associations Internationals Pigeon Forge

North American Country music Associations Internationals Pigeon Forge
March 12- March 18

Fans of all ages that enjoy country, gospel, and bluegrass won’t want to miss the North America Country Music Association, Annual Country Music Week at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge. Admission is Free for general public.

ABOUT  NACMAI North America Country Music Associations, Int’l was formed May 17, 1997, by Peggy Franck, “to promote the development of the Country/Gospel Music Industry in each state and country through an International Association to promote and inform members of the industry and the public about resources available in the various states and countries for Country/Gospel Music production.”  

This can be accomplished by bringing together the various State/International Country Music Associations and/or Foundations in an organized method. NACMAI GUIDELINES: The discover, showcasing and promotion of the emerging and aspiring Country/Gospel/Bluegrass Music artists by presenting the opportunity to compete before State and International Country Music Industry personnel. 

 Each state/country is required to host an annual competition and awards show for these aspiring artists with the understanding that the winners of the various categories will compete in regional runoffs, with the winners representing their respective states/countries at the national/international finals.

 Each state/country association has full autonomy.  They are joined in a consecrated international effort to discover, develop, and showcase the aspiring Country/Gospel/Bluegrass artists, songwriters, and industry leaders.  International conventions will be held for the purpose of enacting by-laws, electing officers, and setting goals for our purpose of being an International Country Music Association. 

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